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Forest Fire Cloud covering the sun with a conservatory in the foreground

Chile Forest Fire Ash Cloud Photos

Chile Forest Fire Photos Last weekend there was a large forest fire just outside of Valparaiso / Viña del Mar. We were in Viña when it first started and we heard fire engines screaming down the road. We looked towards where they were going and we saw large clouds of smoke billowing across the sky. […]

The hills of Valparaiso at night

Photos of Valparaiso at Night – Chile

These photos were taken at dusk while we were waiting for the New Year’s Eve Fireworks Display in Valparaiso. If you look careful, you will already see the streets lined with parked cars and people walking towards the main square (Plaza Sotomayor). What do you think of Valparaíso?

Fireworks on New Year's Eve in Valparaiso Chile

Valparaiso New Year Fireworks Celebration

If you love fireworks then you won’t want to miss the New Year celebration in Valparaiso. A few minutes before midnight, just before the fireworks display kicks off, the first few city blocks from the waterfront get their power cut (sorry for those on an artificial respirator) so that those on the hills can better […]

Our 200 things to do in Chile list

200 Things to Do in Chile List

In honour of Chile’s bicentennial celebration, I thought I would write a list of the 200 things I would like to do in Chile. Some of the things I have already done though I will only tick it off the list if it can be documented with photos, videos or grubby serviettes I have kept. […]

Video of Chile in 1937

SORRY THE VIDEO WAS REMOVED FROM YOUTUBE BY PARAMOUNT PICTURES Yesterday I stumbled across a blog that had a really interesting video on it that I thought I would share here. The video, which is in English and the then new technology of colour film, shows Chile back in 1937. It is an interesting insight […]

Escuela Militar at Sunset

9 Expat blogs from Chile you should read

Updated September 2015 – Removed blogs that no longer post or have left the country (not that I can speak): If you are coming to Chile, or have just arrived, then you may want to learn from the experiences of other foreigners that have already been living here a while. One of the ways of […]