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You must accept, do not offend

How to make fun of tourists

This cartoon (click to enlarge) was inspired by what Magda from Destination World wrote here: I love tea but not the Mongolian one Of course with the stupid sense of humour I have, I left a comment regarding the situation she had been in (about how salty the tea was). Wouldn’t it be funny if […]

The Osorno Volcano overlooking Petrohué as seen from Lago Todos Los Santos (lake)

Todos Los Santos Lake Crossing Chile

Todos Los Santos Lake Crossing Day Trip We have just completed number 74 of our 200 Things to do in Chile list And it just about didn’t happen!! The crossing of Lago Todos Los Santos (Lake) is only part of the journey which takes you from Puerto Varas in Chile to Bariloche in Argentina. The […]

A classic cheesy photo for tourists of doing the tango in the doorway of a shop in La Boca, Argentina

Tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina

When you think of Buenos Aires, what are the main attractions that you think of? Well, if tango doesn’t come to mind then you have no clue what B.A. is all about. Ah, tango. What once was really an expression of art and feelings and life has now become an export and a commodity to […]

Chilean money

Tipping in Chile – Propinas

Tipping in Chile – Propinas The Spanish word for Tip is Propina. Good tipping is usually remembered and the service is often even better the next time you return to a place. What may be a small amount to you can make a huge difference to someone else. Tipping in Restaurants The general rule of […]