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Driving up into the Andes Mountains we came across this water-filled hole blocking our way. A big match for our little car.

What is a Permiso de Circulación in Chile?

If you are planning on driving in Chile or owning a car here, then you need to know what a Permiso de Circulación is. ¿What is a Permiso de Circulación? The permiso de circulación, which can roughly be translated in English as “Permission to drive around”, is an annual tax which must be paid for […]

Panoramic View of the Iguazu Falls

Visiting the Iguazu Falls

One of the highlights for our self-made tour of Argentina was to visit the Iguazu Falls. Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazu by Bus. Once we had arrived in Buenos Aires, we started thinking about the best way to get to Puerto Iguazu in the North of Argentina. Aerolineas Argentina offered flights for around 360 USD […]