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Chilean money

Tipping in Chile – Propinas

Tipping in Chile – Propinas The Spanish word for Tip is Propina. Good tipping is usually remembered and the service is often even better the next time you return to a place. What may be a small amount to you can make a huge difference to someone else. Tipping in Restaurants The general rule of […]

A yellow taxi in Lima, Peru

Taxi driving in Lima, Peru

ALONG with the history, culture and the wonderful food, Lima will always mean one thing to me. Crazy drivers. Plenty of tourists know what a great place it is to visit, with its well-preserved historic centre, great museums, archaeological sites, and fantastic restaurants. But fewer will be aware of another essentially Lima experience: the terrifying […]

La escultura del beso en el Parque de Amor de Miraflores, Lima, Peru

Impresiones de Lima, Peru

El Casco Histórico Durante mi viaje por Perú me llamó mucho la atención el casco histórico de Lima centro, muy similar a las calles del centro de Santiago. Realmente al caminar por el centro de Lima me recordaba al Paseo Ahumada o Estado (de Santiago) y la misma plaza de armas de Lima tenía un […]