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Clowning around in Chile

Clowning around in Chile

Yes, that is me clowning around as usual. No, it’s not my day job, well, anymore, well, um, let’s just continue shall we? The photo is not to show you one of my many talents (such as my knowing Jujitsu, Judo and other Japanese words too) but because of the classic Chilean vocabulary that appears […]

A woman grabbing a man's butt

Cousins and unfaithfulness in Chile

There is a Chilean inside ‘joke’ or more an excuse used for when someone is caught being a little (if that is possible) unfaithful with someone else. Scene 1 Picture a guy being overly affectionate with a woman (or girl) that is not his girlfriend. Then imagine that his girlfriend sees him doing this and […]

Spanish Students at Woodward Chile enjoying some Empanadas and Chicha

People in Chile speak Spanish

People in Chile speak Spanish Ok, it sounds obvious but there are some things you need to know… I recommend that you make an effort to learn some Spanish either before you come or while you are here in Chile (or other Spanish-speaking countries). Not only because it will make your experience a lot more […]