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Cartoon about an experience at a supermarket checkout

Supermarket Experiences Cartoon

Some people never cease to amaze me with their egocentric stupidity! This is a true story (apart from the herpes cream). Imagine going to a supermarket with the wife and kids where you’ve just had lunch with all the promotional freebies they offer and with your basket full of things you don’t need but you […]

A flowchart showing how local customer service works.

Local Customer Service

The flowchart above doesn’t necessarily pertain only to Chile. I am sure the same mindless bureaucracy happens in any country that has customer service! One of things that I have learnt to hate, and that bugs the hell out of me, is that they don’t tell you ALL the things you need in order to […]

Clowning around in Chile

Clowning around in Chile

Yes, that is me clowning around as usual. No, it’s not my day job, well, anymore, well, um, let’s just continue shall we? The photo is not to show you one of my many talents (such as my knowing Jujitsu, Judo and other Japanese words too) but because of the classic Chilean vocabulary that appears […]

Chilean money

Buying things in Chile

Buying things in Chile There are two cultural differences that stick out in my mind about buying things in Chile. One is the number of people you need to talk to before you are handed the product you are buying, and secondly the Chilean fascination with receipts and other bits of paper that get stamped. […]