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My experience of an 8.8 Earthquake in Chile

My 8.8 Earthquake Experience

Today is the 3-year anniversary of the 8.8 Earthquake that struck Chile on February 27th 2010. I wrote the following experience just days after the earthquake had happened and have republished it here: Setting: Chile – Saturday, 27th of February 2010 – 3.34am Either you were soundly sleeping or in the final stages of some […]

Snow falling along Apoquindo with its buildings in the background

Classified ONEMI report of Santiago Snow

Yes, we got our hands on the… CLASSIFIED: Official ONEMI report of Santiago Snow Warning: Very politically incorrect humour Heavy rain and snow hit Santiago in the morning of 18 of August 2011, in particular devastating the Puente Alto and La Dehesa suburbs. The storm has completed devastated the Puente Alto area causing approximately US$400 […]

A car and a bus covered in Snow in Santiago

Santiago Snow Photos

Today an unusual thing happened in Santiago… IT SNOWED. I have been living in Santiago for a total of 15 years and it has “snowed” three times (if you can count it as snow). On the first two occasions it is was just a light dusting, one of them happening at night so not much […]

The Andes Mountains after rain as seen from the corner of Apoquindo and Vespucio in Santiago

Photos of Santiago after rain

As I mentioned in my last post, Santiago has a smog problem in winter. As strange as it sounds most people in Santiago actually look forward to rain in winter. Why? Mainly because it clears the smog away and leaves the Andes coated in snow. While today wasn’t a clear blue-sky day, you can still […]

Santiago Smog - Escuela Militar

Bloody Winter Smog of Santiago!

Today is one of those winter days in Santiago where you are reminded that there is a bit of a smog problem in the city. Normally you associate winter with excessive rain with the odd bit of flooding, or sometimes snow and freezing cold where your pee freezes before it hits the ground (unless you’re […]