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Bandeja Paisa - a typical Colombian dish

Bandeja Paisa Recipe from Colombia

How to make the Bandeja Paisa dish from Colombia Bandeja Paisa is a typical dish from Colombia. It is not really a mix of ingredients but rather individual portions of food placed on a tray. To make a traditional Bandeja Paisa, you need a portion of each of the following: Red beans, white rice, fried […]

The inside of the Copao fruit

El Copao Fruit from Chile

El Copao Fruit from Chile The fruit that most people associate with the Valle del Elqui (in the north of Chile) is the Papaya. However, there is a lesser known fruit also typical of the zone called Copao. What is a Copao? It is the fruit of a wild cactus called “Eulychinia acida” (great, got […]

Risotto al azafrán con camarónes - Rizoto se šafránem a krevetami

Saffron Risotto with Prawns Recipe

Risotto al azafrán con camarones (Saffron risotto with prawns) Here in Chile I started eating camarones (prawns/shrimps). I really like them in empanadas, but what I always prefer is Peruvian food, because I can find prawns in it in many ways. I especially like to visit a Peruvian restaurant in Providencia (Santiago, Chile). It is […]

Chupe de Mariscos - a typical Chilean dish

Chupe de mariscos Recipe – Receta

Recipe in English for the Chilean dish of Chupe de mariscos Chupe: a type of stew Mariscos: seafood (more specifically shellfish) Chile, with its 4270km coastline, is a country with one of the largest varieties of seafood in the world. As a result, there are many dishes involving seafood that you should try when you […]

Calzones Rotos - Typical Chilean Food

Calzones rotos – Broken Underwear

Los calzones rotos es una masa dulce, suave y frita, que contiene como principales ingredientes huevo, mantequilla ralladura de limón, dependiendo del gusto se puede espolvorear azúcar flor. Calzones Rotos, literally translated as “broken underwear”, is a sweet, soft pastry that is fried. Its main ingredients are egg, butter, grated lemon rind and depending on […]