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Will Marry For Visa - Chile

Will Marry for Visa – Chile

< This Guest post was sent to us and made me laugh – Rob W. > Will Marry for Visa in Chile I’ve been in Chile for only two months and I’m still working out my visa situation. From my experiences of visiting and living in other countries your type and cost of visa depends […]

Clowning around in Chile

Clowning around in Chile

Yes, that is me clowning around as usual. No, it’s not my day job, well, anymore, well, um, let’s just continue shall we? The photo is not to show you one of my many talents (such as my knowing Jujitsu, Judo and other Japanese words too) but because of the classic Chilean vocabulary that appears […]

This piano is permanently installed beside the lakeside of Lago Llanquihue Lake in Frutillar. You can see the Teatro del Lago building in the background.

Frutillar Day Trip

A day trip to Frutillar Frutillar can easily be enjoyed on a day trip from Puerto Varas or Puerto Montt. There are a number of tours that can be taken there (if you like to be herded along like sheep) though it is very easy to get there and back by yourself. NOTE: Frutillar is […]

Non-matching shoes

Romantic weekend despite the fractured bones!

Last weekend was a great one with my wife, despite the fractured bones! Thanks Abuelos My eldest son of 5 didn’t have school on Friday so on Thursday night he was quickly shipped with his younger brother to stay at the grandparents’ place. (Picture the clouds parting and insert heavenly chorus of AAAAAAAHHHH!!) That meant […]

Panoramic View of the Iguazu Falls

Visiting the Iguazu Falls

One of the highlights for our self-made tour of Argentina was to visit the Iguazu Falls. Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazu by Bus. Once we had arrived in Buenos Aires, we started thinking about the best way to get to Puerto Iguazu in the North of Argentina. Aerolineas Argentina offered flights for around 360 USD […]