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Chilean Travel Photography

UPDATE: I NO LONGER HAVE THE PHOTOGRAPHY WEBSITE… SORRY! I love creating websites (though it doesn’t mean I’m any good at it) and enjoy watching them grow. We have about 20+ domains and websites where most are hobbies that are to help people and some are for our businesses. One of our domain names SITE […]

My Photography Story

My Photography Story

We have an exciting announcement to make on Monday and the only clue we are going to give is that is about photography. But before we let you know what it is, here’s a little story about me and photography: What is my Photography background? None whatsoever. I am definitely not professional. The little I […]

Cart selling Nuts and Mote con Huesillos in Puerto Varas

Puerto Varas Cart – Photo of the week

This photo of the week is from our trip to Puerto Varas (Chile) a couple of months ago. We first saw this cart being pushed down the main street. Later on we found it down by the waterfront offering Maní (peanuts) and Mote con Huesilo (cooked dried peaches and stewed corn served as a drink). […]

A face-off on a human chessboard with a picturesque volcano at dusk in the background

Face-off at Dusk – Puerto Varas

It’s your move! This photo of the week was taken in Puerto Varas (Chile). The chessboard is down on the waterfront just along from the pier with the tourist information center. Every time we got close to the board, our two boys would run over and invent different games, usually involving running around like madmen […]

Three huasos with some major gossip.

Gossip Huaso Style

This photo of the week was taken at the Estadio Nacional (National Stadium) in Ñuñoa, Santiago during Chile’s Fiestas Patrias (National Day Celebrations) last year. (Have you seen this Chilean National Day Quiz?) These huasos were supposedly watching a rodeo though it seems they had la media copucha (some great goss!) In theory, huaso’s are […]

Sand Sculpture on a Rio de Janerio Beach

Rio de Janeiro Sand Sculpture Photo

This photo of the week by Natalia Leopold was taken on one of the beaches of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. I always love sand sculptures and this one seems to be so representative of Brazil for some reason. Is it the flag in the background, the coconut drink on the seat or something else? […]