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They found the end of the rainbow and were rewarded with... being blinded by the light! Bathed in the Universal Light of Awesomeness.

Weekend in El Cajón del Maipo

I stumbled across some photos today of an activity we did one weekend in the Cajón del Maipo with our Spanish students. The comments are also from that time (found scrawled in a document hidden in a forgotten file, that also got deleted today along with the (low-quality) photos). Anyway… LET THE JOURNEY BEGIN Our […]

Panoramic View of the Iguazu Falls

Visiting the Iguazu Falls

One of the highlights for our self-made tour of Argentina was to visit the Iguazu Falls. Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazu by Bus. Once we had arrived in Buenos Aires, we started thinking about the best way to get to Puerto Iguazu in the North of Argentina. Aerolineas Argentina offered flights for around 360 USD […]

Reserva Nacional Laguna Torca Sign

Reserva Nacional Laguna Torca – Chile

Reserva Nacional Laguna Torca The Reserva Nacional Laguna Torca (Torca Lagoon National Park) which is administrated by CONAF (the Government’s National Forest Corporation), encompasses 604 hectares of beautifuls landscape. The Park is made up of 3 areas: Bosque de Llico (Llico Forest) Laguna Torca (Torca Lagoon) and Isla Cerrillos (Cerrillos Island) It is reserve where you […]

Reserva Nacional Laguna Torca Sign

Národní rezervace Laguna Torca

Národní rezervace Laguna Torca Národní rezervace Laguna Torca (Reserva national de Torca) je spravována společností CONAF (Forest National Corporation – Národní lesní sdružení) a oblast je o rozsahu 604 ha překrásné krajiny. Skládá se ze 3 sektorů: Bosque de Llico (Les Llico), Laguna Torca (Laguna Torca) Isla Cerrillos (Ostrov Cerrillos) V této rezervaci můžete najít více […]