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A flowchart showing how local customer service works.

Local Customer Service

The flowchart above doesn’t necessarily pertain only to Chile. I am sure the same mindless bureaucracy happens in any country that has customer service! One of things that I have learnt to hate, and that bugs the hell out of me, is that they don’t tell you ALL the things you need in order to […]

International Food Night

Food I miss from the United States

I swear that every day something happens here in Santiago that makes me miss a thing or a food item from the U.S. Icing Most recently, it has been icing. Icing, or frosting, is the sugary-sweet cream that covers a cake. Here, cakes have a thin layer of icing, which isn’t always sweet enough for […]

Flags behind La Moneda in Santiago, Chile

Santiago in NY Times – My Uncensored View

Warning: The following contains obscene language, random nudity and should not be read if you are generally an uptight person. Santiago in New York Times – My uncensored view Chile has been abuzz with the news on the weekend that Santiago was ranked number one place to visit this year by the New York Times. […]