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Chumbeques from Iquique, Chile

Chumbeque – A Tradition from Iquique

Someone from our office knew that I was going to Iquique for work and immediately asked me to bring some Chumbeques back. “What the hell are they?” I thought. Sounded like some small furry animal that you keep as a pet… and then eat. Well, I wasn’t too far off. You do eat them but […]

Girl sitting on ground at orphanage iquique chile

Chilean Orphanages and Adoptions

One of the activities we do is help out with international adoptions from Chile. What? Yes, we are officially recognised by certain governments to help the international adoption process run as smoothly as possible for foreigners adopting children in Chile. What does that mean? We accompany them the entire time they are in Chile (which […]

Our 200 things to do in Chile list

200 Things to Do in Chile List

In honour of Chile’s bicentennial celebration, I thought I would write a list of the 200 things I would like to do in Chile. Some of the things I have already done though I will only tick it off the list if it can be documented with photos, videos or grubby serviettes I have kept. […]

Escuela Militar at Sunset

9 Expat blogs from Chile you should read

Updated September 2015 – Removed blogs that no longer post or have left the country (not that I can speak): If you are coming to Chile, or have just arrived, then you may want to learn from the experiences of other foreigners that have already been living here a while. One of the ways of […]

Monumento de la batalla de Iquique en la plaza Sotomayor de Valparaiso

El 21 de Mayo

La Guerra del Pacífico Cada 21 de mayo en Chile conmemoramos el Combate Naval de Iquique. Este fue un enfrentamiento naval entre Chile y Perú durante la Guerra del Pacífico. Este acontecimiento tuvo lugar en la bahía de Iquique, un día miércoles 21 de mayo de 1879. Los capitanes Arturo Prat al mando de la […]