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A flowchart showing how local customer service works.

Local Customer Service

The flowchart above doesn’t necessarily pertain only to Chile. I am sure the same mindless bureaucracy happens in any country that has customer service! One of things that I have learnt to hate, and that bugs the hell out of me, is that they don’t tell you ALL the things you need in order to […]

You must accept, do not offend

How to make fun of tourists

This cartoon (click to enlarge) was inspired by what Magda from Destination World wrote here: I love tea but not the Mongolian one Of course with the stupid sense of humour I have, I left a comment regarding the situation she had been in (about how salty the tea was). Wouldn’t it be funny if […]

The Chilean 9 o'clock news

Chile’s Primetime News

The wonderful world of Chile’s primetime 9 o’clock News The following percentages of airtime are based on years of scientific observation of the open tv news using high precision stopwatch calculations and a bucket of beer… 1. 25% BALLS Chileans love balls… mainly footballs, occasionally tennis balls and did I mention footballs? And it gets […]