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8 out of 10 Earthquakes prefer Chile

8 out of 10 Earthquakes prefer Chile

Last week we had a swarm of quakes in Chile. They’ve mostly been little ones, around 5.3 to 6.1 on the Richter scale. Just a tickle compared to other earthquakes we’ve had. UNscientifically they’re saying the Mayans are just doing practice runs for the end of the world… testing, testing, one, two, three… Scientifically these […]

A plant that looks like a head, found at a cemetery in Buenos Aires

Fun things you will find at a cemetery

Fun things you will find at a cemetery Cemeteries are funny places. Well, apart from all the wailing and death that is. I mean, people usually go to a cemetery for one of two reasons; either to get rid of a body that would otherwise make the house smell if it were not buried quickly, […]

11th of November 2011

11 – 11 – 11 Stupidity

This post was published at 11:11am on 11th of November 2011 (after 11 glasses of wine that had 11 percent alcohol in it which explains why I’m seeing 11 of everything, that’s 1 + 1 which means double). I have seen all types of weird stuff written about this day and I personally think that […]

A cartoon about the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus.

Happy drunk thieving sailor day!

Happy drunken, thieving sailor day! Today, October 12th, is the day when Christopher Columbus accidentally stumbled across discovered America way back in 1492 (wow, that’s older than that wrinkly old grandmother living next door that smells of cat pee … I think!). The truth is that on that day he never actually made it to […]

Will Marry For Visa - Chile

Will Marry for Visa – Chile

< This Guest post was sent to us and made me laugh – Rob W. > Will Marry for Visa in Chile I’ve been in Chile for only two months and I’m still working out my visa situation. From my experiences of visiting and living in other countries your type and cost of visa depends […]

Snow falling along Apoquindo with its buildings in the background

Classified ONEMI report of Santiago Snow

Yes, we got our hands on the… CLASSIFIED: Official ONEMI report of Santiago Snow Warning: Very politically incorrect humour Heavy rain and snow hit Santiago in the morning of 18 of August 2011, in particular devastating the Puente Alto and La Dehesa suburbs. The storm has completed devastated the Puente Alto area causing approximately US$400 […]