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The Chilean 9 o'clock news

Chile’s Primetime News

The wonderful world of Chile’s primetime 9 o’clock News The following percentages of airtime are based on years of scientific observation of the open tv news using high precision stopwatch calculations and a bucket of beer… 1. 25% BALLS Chileans love balls… mainly footballs, occasionally tennis balls and did I mention footballs? And it gets […]

Non-matching shoes

Romantic weekend despite the fractured bones!

Last weekend was a great one with my wife, despite the fractured bones! Thanks Abuelos My eldest son of 5 didn’t have school on Friday so on Thursday night he was quickly shipped with his younger brother to stay at the grandparents’ place. (Picture the clouds parting and insert heavenly chorus of AAAAAAAHHHH!!) That meant […]

The back of a Ute filled with Chilean football supporters after the victory of Chile over Switzerland in the World Cup. Notice someone hanging out of the bus too.

Latin America – World Cup Passion

YOU can’t appreciate Latin America without appreciating football. Every country, from Mexico in the north to Chile in the south, is obsessed with the sport. Think of the superpowers of the game, Brazil and Argentina, but think also of any corner of this great landmass. And the World Cup is the best time to experience […]

The Spanish bull vs the Chilean flag found in the ruins of Pelluhue after the 8.8 earthquake

Chilean flag vs Spanish bull

Yes, another great picture, this time to do with the Chile vs Spain World Cup Match happening this Friday 25th of June 2010. A decisive match for both teams with Chile hoping to prove itself yet again though this time against one of the world’s best teams. So what makes the picture funny? The guy […]