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Official invitation to the dinner with the President of Chile at Palacio La Moneda.

Dinner with the President of Chile

Yes, I had dinner with the President of Chile. No, it wasn’t with Piñera (probably because I think the Piñera Sandwich is classist), nor was it Bachelet (vetoed because of my ONEMI jokes). Yes, it was way back with Ricky Lakes, better known by his Spanish name of Ricardo Lagos. Yes, we’re talking some time […]

The typical Chilean dish of Curanto en olla

Curanto en Olla – Angelmó

Curanto en Olla – Angelmó Something on our list of 200 things to do in Chile is to have a seafood dish at Angelmó. Well, Ange and I did this back in 2008 as a part of a 3-day weekend trip to exploring Puerto Montt (Thanks to Hotel Club Presidente Puerto Montt for inviting us). […]

Cart selling Nuts and Mote con Huesillos in Puerto Varas

Puerto Varas Cart – Photo of the week

This photo of the week is from our trip to Puerto Varas (Chile) a couple of months ago. We first saw this cart being pushed down the main street. Later on we found it down by the waterfront offering Maní (peanuts) and Mote con Huesilo (cooked dried peaches and stewed corn served as a drink). […]

Chumbeques from Iquique, Chile

Chumbeque – A Tradition from Iquique

Someone from our office knew that I was going to Iquique for work and immediately asked me to bring some Chumbeques back. “What the hell are they?” I thought. Sounded like some small furry animal that you keep as a pet… and then eat. Well, I wasn’t too far off. You do eat them but […]

Clowning around in Chile

Clowning around in Chile

Yes, that is me clowning around as usual. No, it’s not my day job, well, anymore, well, um, let’s just continue shall we? The photo is not to show you one of my many talents (such as my knowing Jujitsu, Judo and other Japanese words too) but because of the classic Chilean vocabulary that appears […]

Cuchufli bañado en chocolate

El Cuchuflí de Chile – Receta

Cuchuflí El cuchuflí es un dulce típico de Chile. Está hecho de una masa esponjosa (no frita) de forma cilíndrica y relleno con manjar (dulce de leche). Los cuchuflíes se pueden comprar en las calles y dulcerías de Chile y específicamente en distintos lugares, como playas, supermercados, negocios de barrio, comercio ambulante, etc. Hay distintos […]