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My experience of an 8.8 Earthquake in Chile

My 8.8 Earthquake Experience

Today is the 3-year anniversary of the 8.8 Earthquake that struck Chile on February 27th 2010. I wrote the following experience just days after the earthquake had happened and have republished it here: Setting: Chile – Saturday, 27th of February 2010 – 3.34am Either you were soundly sleeping or in the final stages of some […]

8 out of 10 Earthquakes prefer Chile

8 out of 10 Earthquakes prefer Chile

Last week we had a swarm of quakes in Chile. They’ve mostly been little ones, around 5.3 to 6.1 on the Richter scale. Just a tickle compared to other earthquakes we’ve had. UNscientifically they’re saying the Mayans are just doing practice runs for the end of the world… testing, testing, one, two, three… Scientifically these […]

Official invitation to the dinner with the President of Chile at Palacio La Moneda.

Dinner with the President of Chile

Yes, I had dinner with the President of Chile. No, it wasn’t with Piñera (probably because I think the Piñera Sandwich is classist), nor was it Bachelet (vetoed because of my ONEMI jokes). Yes, it was way back with Ricky Lakes, better known by his Spanish name of Ricardo Lagos. Yes, we’re talking some time […]

Forest Fire Cloud covering the sun with a conservatory in the foreground

Chile Forest Fire Ash Cloud Photos

Chile Forest Fire Photos Last weekend there was a large forest fire just outside of Valparaiso / Viña del Mar. We were in Viña when it first started and we heard fire engines screaming down the road. We looked towards where they were going and we saw large clouds of smoke billowing across the sky. […]

The hills of Valparaiso at night

Photos of Valparaiso at Night – Chile

These photos were taken at dusk while we were waiting for the New Year’s Eve Fireworks Display in Valparaiso. If you look careful, you will already see the streets lined with parked cars and people walking towards the main square (Plaza Sotomayor). What do you think of Valparaíso?

Typical Chilean Traditions for New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve Traditions in Chile

New Year’s Eve Traditions in Chile At the strike of midnight you may see entire families gulping down lentils and grapes which they wash down with champagne (hopefully without swallowing gold rings) which is then quickly followed by turning their yellow underwear from inside-out back to normal before taking their suitcase for a walk around […]