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Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina

A plant that looks like a head, found at a cemetery in Buenos Aires

Fun things you will find at a cemetery

Fun things you will find at a cemetery Cemeteries are funny places. Well, apart from all the wailing and death that is. I mean, people usually go to a cemetery for one of two reasons; either to get rid of a body that would otherwise make the house smell if it were not buried quickly, […]

Panoramic View of the Iguazu Falls

Visiting the Iguazu Falls

One of the highlights for our self-made tour of Argentina was to visit the Iguazu Falls. Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazu by Bus. Once we had arrived in Buenos Aires, we started thinking about the best way to get to Puerto Iguazu in the North of Argentina. Aerolineas Argentina offered flights for around 360 USD […]

A classic cheesy photo for tourists of doing the tango in the doorway of a shop in La Boca, Argentina

Tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina

When you think of Buenos Aires, what are the main attractions that you think of? Well, if tango doesn’t come to mind then you have no clue what B.A. is all about. Ah, tango. What once was really an expression of art and feelings and life has now become an export and a commodity to […]

La Casa Rosada - The Presidential Palace in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Why isn’t Argentina like its presidential palace?

A visit to La Casa Rosada, the presidential palace in Buenos Aires, leaves you wondering what might have been with this intoxicating country. The day we visited we passed a mini-shanty town in the square outside the palace. It’s occupied by veterans of the Malvinas/Falklands war, campaigning for fair treatment from the government. We cross […]