Romantic weekend despite the fractured bones!

Non-matching shoes

Rob, you went to work without matching your shoes again!

Last weekend was a great one with my wife, despite the fractured bones!

Thanks Abuelos
My eldest son of 5 didn’t have school on Friday so on Thursday night he was quickly shipped with his younger brother to stay at the grandparents’ place. (Picture the clouds parting and insert heavenly chorus of AAAAAAAHHHH!!) That meant an extended romantic weekend of just my wife and I. (Mmmmm)

Thursday night included drinks on the balcony overlooking the city… and then I’d best to fast forward to Friday night.

Get out and do it!
After closing work on Friday at 8pm we had some more drinks on the balcony then walked from Escuela Militar to Parque Arauco chatting along the way. It’s a magically time of night to be strolling, at least at this time of year and something I recommend you do more with your partner.

It’s cultural observation, not voyeurism
Once at Parque Arauco, we had a pleasant dinner at Asian Bistro. Our table was overlooking the Boulevard where we watched the runner-up to the world’s tallest man and other oddities walking by. Observing people and their mannerisms in another country can be interesting and entertaining, as long as it’s not done through their bedroom window.

Flojeando comes from the verb Flojear with means to laze around doing nothing. And that’s what the next day involved, large helpings of doing nothing around the house, just a couple of buddies (my wife and I) hanging out. It felt weird having nothing to do. No lunch to make for kids or fights to break up (again between the boys), no rushing to a birthday party of one of the thousands of relatives (slight exaggeration, it’s only in the hundreds, you know how Chile is). Having absolutely nothing to do… is weird.

A game
The only thing on the agenda, apart from eating out again, was my weekly Saturday game of soccer (football) at our kids’ school. It’s a great school where the parents are actively involved in all types of things together but that’s for another post.
The game went as normal (as in our team was on the losing end) until 5 minutes from the end where I had a little incident. Basically, I had the ball, someone came to take it off me and then I was on the ground in pain.
Mental note: Must not keep running while someone is standing on my foot.

What language do you swear in?
Interesting, I swear a lot more in Spanish than I do in English (does that happen to anyone else?) though the F word did actually came out this time and I don’t mean (Friendship, Frisbees or Fuzzies). When I swear in Spanish, it’s like nothing to me because it doesn’t seem to have the same weight or seriousness as when I swear in English and the Spanish words and phrases just roll off the tongue with ease. If I do it in English, you know it’s serious.

She’ll be right mate!
I got up, hobbled a bit on the field but then quickly realized that I had to come off (Cambio arbitro – change ref). No worries, she’ll be right mate. (A typical expression from Down Under meaning everything will be OK).

I’m used to scrapes, knocks and the odd bit of blood loss during games (fortunately these are friendly games, imagine if they were more serious) so I thought I’d be OK in the morning. A teammate was nice enough to take me home.

With a Waddle and a Hobble
Hey, the kids aren’t here, let’s go out again! My wife saw my distress as I limped into the house and said we could save it for another time. Um, it’s not often we’re alone so let’s go out again anyway. So off we went for dinner at a place that never lets us down, Eladio in Providencia. We like to go there because we know the food is good and comes in large yummy doses and that we normally have to waddle out of the restaurant with a I-ate-too-much grin on our face. That night was no different though a waddle with a hobble does look a bit funny!

Throb, Throb, THROB
Unfortunately I slept like crap. The throbbing pain seemed to increase during the night despite the pills. Next morning I knew it was more serious than normal so off I hobbled with my wife to emergency, wincing at every step.

Don’t have accidents on the weekend
We went to Hospital Clinica UC downtown first thing in the morning. Just so you know, there’s a 50% additional charge on everything on the weekends so you are looking at around CLP$42.000 for an emergency consultation (more pain on top of existing bodily pain), without including the typical bandages, needles or anal insertion devices.

I eventually get attended, the doctors looked at my foot and then told me to get some x-rays. First two were fine, the ‘this will hurt just a little’ should have warned me about the third. No, no swearing in any language, just a muffled uuuuh which is understandable in many cultures!

Back to the doctor again with a couple more joining in with the pointing and shaking of heads and then an eventually unison of slow head nodding as a decision was made.

And the verdict
Doctor said I had splintered/fractured bones in my big fat toe, which is now swollen and even fatter and I won’t be able to walk unaided for about 3 months! You must be kidding!!
Does that mean I’ll have to give up my puppy kicking habit until next year?
Oh, and I forgot to add that an operation was in order to screw some things back together.
Grim news. That’s life.
They then wrapped my leg up in an orthopedic boot instead of a plaster cast, told me to get some painkillers and have a nice day!

Don’t be a wuss!
Ok, it’s not fun having to hobble slowly everywhere and it’s going to be frustrating to take my time and the months of pain as my bones weld together. But then I think that I should stop being a wuss! It’s only a couple of screws and months without walking properly. Nothing compared to the brain surgery that Sara has been through (admirable her positivity).

Walk Rabbit Walk
I normally run everywhere. Walking up stairs bores me, so I normally run up them! Even on Friday one of the teachers made a comment that she was surprised how I didn’t run up the stairs (lack of sleep the night before). So it’s going to take some time to slow down my pace. It may be a good thing since I do almost everything at a million miles an hour and maybe this will teach me to take my time.

So how was your weekend?

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2 Responses to “Romantic weekend despite the fractured bones!”

  1. Katy November 25, 2010 at 1:01 pm #

    Hi Rob, I see you had a very interesting weekend. Maybe I can say…congratulation!!! Just kidding you =)
    Hope you feel better and you are not under drugs, jajaja , and the next year you keep running again. Take care and don’t sit only at office, so boring.

    • woodward November 25, 2010 at 7:14 pm #

      Thanks Katy.
      I’m actually learning to slow down. Yesterday I smelled the roses on the way home, probably in the same way they smelled my unwashed foot. :)
      I have to have this bIg boot on for at least 3 months which includes sleeping with it and having it in a special plastic bag when I’m in the shower. Oh the fun!
      This is my first fractured bone so it has been a learning experience.
      Rob W.

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