Thank you for pressing the button!

Just needed to see if it worked.

What? You thought it was about the press coverage we’ve had?
Sorry, serious people tend to stay clear from us… apart from our psychiatrists, but then, we ARE paying them!

For some reason the “press” doesn’t appreciate our restaurant reviews:

The food tasted like chicken (doesn’t everything)
The wine tasted like oak (I had to lick it off the wooden table after spilling it)
The decoration was probably good, I was too drunk to notice.
What’s wrong with that review, it was all true!

So, if we do appear somewhere other than scrawled on a dirty toilet wall, we’ll let you know here.

Have fun pressing other buttons!


April 2011
We were mentioned in El Mercurio (Chile’s main newspaper)
Los Famosos Lates – In Spanish written by Sergio Paz

July 2012
We were mentioned in El Mercurio’s Travel Magazine (Chile’s main newspaper – Sunday Magazine)
Quote: “Destacados blogueros de viaje, escritores de guías y corresponsales de medios extranjeros que viven en (y escriben sobre) Chile recomiendan sus datos favoritos para aventurarse en el país…
Mi Chile Favorito
In Spanish written by Sebastián Montalva Wainer

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