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My most beautiful, proud, popular, controversial, helpful, surprise success, attention needing articles.

This 7 links thing, that is spreading across the web at the same speed as STDs do at frat parties, was started by Tripbase.

To participate you need to be tagged by someone, just like that game you used to play when you were a kid. Remember, “tag, you are it”. Unfortunately tagging to kids nowadays means adding someone’s name to a photo in Facebook more than the old school playground game, but I digress.

So I got tagged by Eileen from bearshapedsphere.com and now I am IT. Yes an it.

So what do I do now that I am it?

Well I have to share 7 links of my most (beautiful, popular, controversial, incredibly useless etc) posts that are silently hanging out somewhere in my archives, probably in that dark corner on the left, because that’s where the mini-bar is.


So here it goes…

My most beautiful post

This is a tough one. Is this supposed to be Beautiful because of the photos OR Beautiful because it warms the heart and causes fluttery sensations in the stomach (that are not alcohol induced).

Beautiful because of the photos post:

For many people that look at the following post will think… is that it?

There is a solitary photo with very little text.  Face-off at dusk in Puerto Varas

However, that photo reminds of my own beautiful moment of a short trip to Puerto Varas with my wife and two boys. I remember how beautiful that exact moment was and how happy the kids were playing, exploring and just being with their parents (either that or the sugar rush from too much chocolate). Ok, enough soppy stuff, lets get back to the fun…

Beautiful because it warms the heart post:

Chilean Orphanages and Adoptions in Chile

I don’t know if this is beautiful but at least we are making a positive difference to a child’s life.


My most popular post

Our most popular posts always seem to be about food but the one that beats them all is my 11 Tips about Chilean food one. With useful tips like “Manjar is not a jar of diced men but a sweet brown spread” they are aimed the all the glutinous pigs or fancy foodies that tend to frequent the site. Note: these tips are more my personal observations from living here in Chile than tips that are of any use. However there IS a lot of additional great advice given by readers in the comments, So you might want to skip my boring rant and head straight to the more useful comments.


My most controversial post

I am not a controversial, nor conflictive person and fluffy bunnies come out of my butt too.

I had a good scrummage around my archives, spent too long at the mini-bar there, and surprisingly I couldn’t find any really controversial posts.

The closest I could find was called: Dumb skimpy clothed models on Chilean TV
That’s not a controversial title, is it?

It surprised me that almost nobody commented on that post so maybe everybody agrees with me. If you haven’t already done so, head over there now and add your two cents (pence, pesos, or monkey balls – whatever currency you use)

I also did expect more controversy from this post:

Chile legally has to celebrate Argentina’s National Day

But nobody seemed to be interested in yet another public holiday in Chile. Damn!


My most helpful post

4 Things you need to know about Chilean toilets.

Why is this article helpful? Well, you REALLY need to know these things when going to the toilet in Chile, unless you like being caught waddling around a public toilet with your pants around your ankles. Yes, that is me in the main photo of this post.


A post whose success surprised me

6 Things I have learnt being married to a Chilean

What use is it for you to know what it’s like being married to a Chilean, unless of course you ARE already married to one, but then, you’d already know about these things, wouldn’t you? Is it because they are still dating and engaged and are googling the net to see if their Chilean partner will suddenly sprout three heads the day after the wedding? (Sorry, I can’t tell you if that is true otherwise one of the heads will bite me).


A post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved

Chile’s Primetime News

As I mention in the article about Chile’s 9 o’clock news, it took me years of scientific observation of the open TV news using high precision stopwatch calculations and a bucket of beer to come out with the percentages of airtime that appear in the analysis. I could save an hour of your life every day by you not needing to watch the local news because I wrote about everything that will ever appear… and I mean ever. That should give out medals or at least Nobel prizes for this great work  of art.

The post that I am most proud of

How to make fun of tourists

It was my first attempt at drawing/creating a cartoon EVER.

I never liked art classes at school, mainly because I was never any good.

However after seeing a number of other people including cartoons which many times were simple scrawlings of a few lines that look like they were done by my 5-year-old son, I thought, hey, I can do that too.

Unfortunately I discovered I myself only have the artistic ability of a 3-year-old… that has stumps instead of fingers.

Despite not being the next Michelangelo (more like a blind Picasso on acid) this first cartoon surprisingly got a positive response … from everyone that lives in my house… I live alone.

Because of this first cartoon I finally discovered my niche. No, not the taking acid. My niche is stupidity.

I realized that I don’t want to be yet another travel blog with a visit this, do that, and the top 3 ½ places to rub vegemite on you type blog. No, I discovered that I really need to vent/get out/throw up my weird sense of humour that I have always had inside of me. It doesn’t matter if no-one else laughs at my cartoons because I have a great time making them and laughing to myself (yes, I know it’s a sign of madness but both of me accept it).

If you were wondering, though you’re probably not but I’ll share it with you anyway, I use Adobe Illustrator (CS5), a tough software to learn by yourself from scratch. This first cartoon was done with a mouse (yes, clumsy but almost does the job). Then yes, I went and bought a Wacom thingy (it’s like a pad you draw on and your scribbles appear on the screen). Unfortunately my cartoons haven’t improved because of it and it still takes me an eternity to draw each cartoon.

My turn to tag someone

This is where I am supposed to tag, mention or evilly summons 5 other bloggers so that they write their own 7 links page. But since I don’t have any friends and my stuffed hamster doesn’t have its own blog I’ll leave it over to you to fill the last space.

If you would like to be nominated and appear below, leave a comment or poke me on twitter.

1. Jayne – Chilean Adventures
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4. Sarah – Sarah Elizabeth
5. YOU – Let me know in comments or on twitter

Hope you enjoyed these links. What did you think of them?


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6 Responses to “7 Links – The best of the worst of the weird”

  1. Catherine July 14, 2011 at 12:12 am #

    Hey, thanks for the tag! :) I loved your post on scantily clad women here in Chile, and I don´t think it became that controversial because, well, it´s true! It´s amazing how these women make a career out of surgery and doing nothing and that there´s such a large following of people that admire them- a bit depressing to me!
    I´ll have to create my post tonight, thanks again! Saludos!

    • Rob W. July 14, 2011 at 12:35 am #

      Great, I look forward to reading your post.

      Re: Scantily clad women
      – Yeah, and it seems to appear more and more. This morning on TV on one of the channels the female tv hosts were all trying silicon implants (loosely) under their tops while the male hosts oogled them, gave them hugs to see how each size felt differently and generally drooled. Then they went on about how Models can make minimum a million pesos per event and cover the costs with a few events in just one weekend. But it’s the models that do nothing whatsover but smile vacantly on tv shows that I can’t fathom.

      • Catherine July 14, 2011 at 3:41 am #

        hah! agh, que rabía!

        • Rob W. July 14, 2011 at 10:40 am #

          Wow, that was quick!
          Interesting how many of the popular posts seem to be about food.

  2. Ceri July 17, 2011 at 9:55 am #

    Great choice. :) I’ve actually missed some of these so will be going back to read them.

    • Rob W. July 18, 2011 at 10:50 am #

      I think that’s probably the whole idea of the 7-link thing since people don’t read many of the older posts of blogs.

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