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Calle de los Suspiros ("Street of Sighs") in Colonia, Uruguay

Day trip to Colonia Uruguay

A day trip to Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay COLONIA is just an hour by fast boat from Buenos Aires, but it seems a world away. The historic centre of this small Uruguayan town is so well preserved that you’ll think you’ve stumbled on a film set for a historical drama. And because of its […]

The back of a Ute filled with Chilean football supporters after the victory of Chile over Switzerland in the World Cup. Notice someone hanging out of the bus too.

Latin America – World Cup Passion

YOU can’t appreciate Latin America without appreciating football. Every country, from Mexico in the north to Chile in the south, is obsessed with the sport. Think of the superpowers of the game, Brazil and Argentina, but think also of any corner of this great landmass. And the World Cup is the best time to experience […]

Estatua en Colonia de Sacramiento - Uruguay

Colonia del Sacramento un encantador lugar

Colonia del Sacramento – Uruguay Con mi marido visitamos Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay, un lugar que verdaderamente me sorprendió, porque pensé que no sería tan lindo cómo realmente es. Aunque había muchos turistas, realmente para mi fue muy relajante, sentí paz y tranquilidad, no sé, tuve la sensación de haber estado ahí antes ¿Quién sabe? […]