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Risotto al azafrán con camarónes - Rizoto se šafránem a krevetami

Saffron Risotto with Prawns Recipe

Risotto al azafrán con camarones (Saffron risotto with prawns) Here in Chile I started eating camarones (prawns/shrimps). I really like them in empanadas, but what I always prefer is Peruvian food, because I can find prawns in it in many ways. I especially like to visit a Peruvian restaurant in Providencia (Santiago, Chile). It is […]

Risotto al azafrán con camarónes - Rizoto se šafránem a krevetami

Risotto al azafrán con camarones – Rizoto se šafránem a krevetami

Rizoto se šafránem a krevetami (Risotto al azafrán con camarónes) Zde v Chile kde v současné době žiji jsem si velmi oblíbila k  jídlu krevety. Jsou tu oblíbené hlavně v jídle zvaném, Empanada”, pro nás druh taštiček s náplní. Jídlo, které však v této zemi budu preferovat  je peruánské a to z toho důvodu, že […]

The back of a Ute filled with Chilean football supporters after the victory of Chile over Switzerland in the World Cup. Notice someone hanging out of the bus too.

Latin America – World Cup Passion

YOU can’t appreciate Latin America without appreciating football. Every country, from Mexico in the north to Chile in the south, is obsessed with the sport. Think of the superpowers of the game, Brazil and Argentina, but think also of any corner of this great landmass. And the World Cup is the best time to experience […]

A yellow taxi in Lima, Peru

Taxi driving in Lima, Peru

ALONG with the history, culture and the wonderful food, Lima will always mean one thing to me. Crazy drivers. Plenty of tourists know what a great place it is to visit, with its well-preserved historic centre, great museums, archaeological sites, and fantastic restaurants. But fewer will be aware of another essentially Lima experience: the terrifying […]