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Andrés Carne de Res Restaurant near Bogotá Colombia

Andrés Carne de Res – Colombia

Andrés Carne de Res Restaurant – Colombia Imagine Tim Burton organizing a carnival on acid, the end result… Andres Carne de Res – Fun fantasy, bizarre, pure energy… and it’s supposed to be a restaurant. What makes this iconic Colombian restaurant so amazing is its ambiance. First the decoration, full of the most random stuff […]

Bandeja Paisa - a typical Colombian dish

Bandeja Paisa Recipe from Colombia

How to make the Bandeja Paisa dish from Colombia Bandeja Paisa is a typical dish from Colombia. It is not really a mix of ingredients but rather individual portions of food placed on a tray. To make a traditional Bandeja Paisa, you need a portion of each of the following: Red beans, white rice, fried […]

The back of a Ute filled with Chilean football supporters after the victory of Chile over Switzerland in the World Cup. Notice someone hanging out of the bus too.

Latin America – World Cup Passion

YOU can’t appreciate Latin America without appreciating football. Every country, from Mexico in the north to Chile in the south, is obsessed with the sport. Think of the superpowers of the game, Brazil and Argentina, but think also of any corner of this great landmass. And the World Cup is the best time to experience […]