Curanto en Olla – Angelmó

The typical Chilean dish of Curanto en olla

Curanto en Olla – Angelmó

Something on our list of 200 things to do in Chile is to have a seafood dish at Angelmó. Well, Ange and I did this back in 2008 as a part of a 3-day weekend trip to exploring Puerto Montt (Thanks to Hotel Club Presidente Puerto Montt for inviting us).

Why is it on the list?
Well, Angelmó is a small fishing port that lives from fishing and what makes it special are the many “mini” restaurants/kitchens called Cocinerias that they have beside the water with some bigger restaurants on stilts over the water. This makes it the ideal place to have fresh fish and other seafood.
These cocinerias are small, in fact very small, with room for only one or two benches (not tables) and a view of the kitchen where you can see everything cooked.

Cocineria at Angelmó

This dish we decided to have was Curanto en Olla (photo above). Curanto en Olla is the pot version of Curanto en Hoyo (Olla = Pot in Spanish, Hoyo = hole/pit). This typical dish come from the south of Chile around Chiloé (Island). It is traditionally prepared by heating fish, seafood, potatoes, some meat, milcaos over red hot rocks in a hole in the ground. The food is wrapped in big leaves and then covered with dirt so that it slowly cooks over a number of hours. (Similar to a Hangi in New Zealand and Umu from Easter Island)

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Rob and Ange at a table of a Cocineria in Angelmó

Have you been to Angelmó? What was your experience like?

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