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La Casa Rosada - The Presidential Palace in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Why isn’t Argentina like its presidential palace?

A visit to La Casa Rosada, the presidential palace in Buenos Aires, leaves you wondering what might have been with this intoxicating country. The day we visited we passed a mini-shanty town in the square outside the palace. It’s occupied by veterans of the Malvinas/Falklands war, campaigning for fair treatment from the government. We cross […]

Calle de los Suspiros ("Street of Sighs") in Colonia, Uruguay

Day trip to Colonia Uruguay

A day trip to Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay COLONIA is just an hour by fast boat from Buenos Aires, but it seems a world away. The historic centre of this small Uruguayan town is so well preserved that you’ll think you’ve stumbled on a film set for a historical drama. And because of its […]

A street in downtown Valparaiso, Chile.

Is Valparaiso losing its bohemian style?

IS Valparaiso about to grow up? Is it on the verge of huge change, going from a rundown, bohemian tourist attraction to a freshly-painted, more sanitised place to visit? I’m no expert on the city, having never lived there and only visited there a couple of times. But you don’t need to be knowledgeable about […]

Smog in Las Condes, Santiago. This wasn't a bad day since at least you can still see the mountains.

Santiago’s Smog Problem

Santiago’s Smog Problem IT takes one of those sunny, beautiful days to see the really ugly side of life in Santiago. The city has plenty of clear days, when you should be able to see its stunning natural setting, with snow-capped mountains on its fringe. But some days you can hardly make out the mountains […]

Spanish Students at Woodward Chile

Why you should learn Spanish in Chile

Why you should learn Spanish in Chile Learning Spanish in Chile is a bit like learning to climb by going up Mt Aconcagua on your first trip. To put it bluntly, Chilean Spanish is a tricky art to master. Foreigners who come to Chile quickly realize one thing, regardless of whether they speak Spanish or […]