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At the top of the Villarrica Volcano

Rob and Ange at the top of the Villarrica Volcano near Pucon, Chile.

The About Page with some FAQs thrown in there!

This website, South America ME, is managed by Rob Woodward, a New Zealander that has been living in Chile since 1997 and his wonderful Chilean wife Angélica Prieto.

Warning, Beep, Warning, Beep, Warning!
We are NOT politically correct and have a strange/weird/dark sense of humour so if you are easily offended or just unhappy about life in general, please leave now through the side door (the 100-foot drop outside of it is just and optical illusion, honest!) and go and annoy someone else.

Why did we create this site?
Well, it was a dark stormy night with a wind howling ferociously outside and… no, not really. The psychiatrist just said it would be best to put our thoughts in writing instead of scratching them into our own flesh. We also thought it would be great to help others learn about all of these different, yet fascinating countries in South America. Basically this is a therapeutic hobby!

How is the site financed?
We are NOT financed so if you have any spare cans of beans floating around can you please leave them on our doorstop. However, if you would like to pay us to travel to a random part of the continent to write about stuff then we will of course consider it!

So how do you make a living?
Working! As strange as it may seem we do have a day job (and I won’t mention the night job). We own different companies that (almost) keep us out of trouble. You can see a list of things we do from helping international adoptions from Chile to representing foreign universities on our Woodward Chile site (yes, we know its design is bad, it’s just a list to save having to explain the same things over and over again).

What exactly is the Dot ME at the end of this website address?
I don’t know. It’s probably some small island in the Pacific that’s going to disappear within a decade due to global warning.
Update – some smartass highly enlightened individual told me that it is in fact the country Montenegro.
Admin Response – Well isn’t that about the same anyway? You’ve probably heard of the country but still can’t say where it is on a map and just like the pacific island, it will most likely disappear by global warning too!

I saw something that wasn’t true on the South America Blog
Says who? As you know everyone makes mistakes, even us (yep, I made a mistake once back in 1982, though it wasn’t really my fault, the cat shouldn’t have been in the oven in the first place). So don’t take everything we or anyone else writes here as gospel, the holy truth or fact. Everything here is an opinion from our own personal experiences and that of others. Before planning anything because of what you have seen, read or smelled here, please seek professional advice first, be that a travel agent or a psychiatrist, whichever is more appropriate.

Can I write a guest post for your blog?
I don’t know… can you? Your fingers didn’t get amputated, did they?

Ok, let me rephrase that… How can I write a post on your blog (considering I have all my fingers)?
Send us an e-mail saying what you would like to write about and we will UM and AH about whether we will include it or not and when. We are very opened minded and just like our readers hate spammy crap. Each post needs a photo about its topic which will have a © “photographer’s name” on it.

Will I get paid if I write a guest post?
Um, no! You will however receive kilos of good karma for helping people. If you want, you can add a brief bio about yourself with a link back to your site/blog. Be warned, sudden fame is not all its cracked up to be!

How can I contact you?
If you missed the day at school when they were teaching telepathy then you just have to send us an e-mail.

HOWEVER (in big serious capital letters said in a gruff voice), if you really must contact us about something then you should read the following rules:

1. No, we don’t want (or need) your Viagra, enlargement pills or to see your wonderful Triple X site.
2. We don’t have any money so unfortunately we can’t sponsor your event with cash.
3. The same goes to the former advisor to the president of Nigeria… we don’t have a bank account so stop insisting (Try Opening a Bank account in Chile yourself)
4. We do accept ideas of things to write about and guest post proposals
5. We love to hear your opinions about the blog, both good and bad so send feel free to let us know what you think.
6. We try to answer every e-mail we receive but due the large volumes of e-mail we get (you should stop mum and dad), or by the fact we are probably just having a great time doing something else, it may take us a while to get back to you.

Having understood that and you feel like you still want to send us something (an e-mail, a box or chocolates or bag of rubber chickens), you can do so at: info AT woodward DOT CL (yes, .cl … don’t ask!).
Oh be warned, we only check that e-mail once every few days so it’s usually quicker to send us a message on Twitter @SouthAmericaME where we hang out most of the day… in that dark corner on the right.

All photos, texts, audio, designs and everything on this site are copyright which means you cannot use anything from this site without our express written permission.
And yes, we are very good at finding copies of our stuff on internet and if we do, and we haven’t approved it, all hell is going to break loose (we know where you live!), seriously!
If you want to use anything from our site, send us an e-mail. See above about how to contact us.

Um, that’s about all we can say for now.
Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff!

Rob and Ange.


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